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ADRAC surveys Conciliation bodies

ADRAC decided last year to examine Conciliation in some detail. Early scoping work suggested Conciliation was a widely used and incompletely described DR process. It seemed usually associated with legislation but differed in some basic ways from mediation.

ADRAC is exploring the full extent of its use, how it fits into the DR firmament and how its many practitioners might be recognised and supported.

In early 2017 ADRAC conducted a limited literature review and traversed all Australian State Territory and Commonwealth legislation for mentions of conciliation schemes. In late 2017 ADRAC interviewed a number of experienced conciliators.

This year, ADRAC reviewed the websites of entities that have conciliation powers. ADRAC is preparing to survey all conciliation entities that were identified during the review of Australian legislation.

If you think your organisation could contribute to ADRAC's work on Conciliation, please get in touch with us via email at Alternatively, you can subscribe to ADRAC's mailing list to keep abreast of any updates - just click the subscribe button at the top of our home page and enter your details to sign up.

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