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ADRAC keenly interested in ADR and the family field

ADRAC has an acute interest in dispute in the family field and has a number of family subject experts on its Council.

Following the retirement of Shirli Kirschner from the Council, ADRAC sought a further family expert in the form of a respected family lawyer to assist with family matters generally, but also to assist with the major response to the ALRC family law reference that ADRAC planned. ADRAC found such a person in Susan Hamilton-Green of Melbourne, a renowned expert in child representation in family law proceedings.

Susan is chairing a committee of ADRAC members (Dr Andrew Bickerdike of Relationships Australia, Margaret Halsmith, family mediator and former longstanding Chair of Resolution Institute (formerly LEADR), and the Chair of ADRAC, Jeremy Gormly SC), which is working together with Jodie Grant of Shifting Sands. The committee has prepared an ADRAC submission to the current ALRC enquiry into the operations of the Family Court of Australia.

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