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ADRAC contributes to ALRC Family Law Review

In March this year, the then-Commonwealth Attorney-General, George Brandis, generated a reference to the Australian Law Reform Commission to carry out what is unquestionably a root and branch review of the family system and the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth).

Respected Melbourne University Professor Helen Rhoades will chair the reference. It will be the first major review of the system since it was put in place in 1975 with legislation that at the time seemed radical. The Australian family and the constellations that constitute a family have radically altered since that time.

ADRAC has been deeply interested in the review since the announcement. It met with the Attorney-General’s Department at an early stage and once the review was underway, met with Professor Rhoades and former Justice John Faulks. ADRAC is preparing a detailed response to the ALRC Issues Paper focussed on the use of dispute resolution processes in the family field.

More information about the ALRC Family Law Review can be found on the ALRC's website.

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